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Where the Prairie Meets the Dessert, Paper Pack

Where the Prairie Meets the Dessert, Paper Pack


DIMENSIONS: Height: 7in.

Width: 5in.

MEDIUMS: Handmade Paper


DESCRIPTION: “Like other opportunities that give full responsibility to build a productive day to day and week to week schedule, the freedom that rose out of Home Residency has reopened doors to processes that I have neglected do to time and resources, such as paper making. Choosing to take this opportunity and expose the simplicity of paper making at its core, I started with standard colored inkjet printer paper tearing, blending, and color mixing those pulps to result in new colors. Really it would be more appropriate to call this process paper repurposing.

The paper making done in this collection was made between sessions of shaping, filing, polishing and etching copper plates. Copper is an element and responds heavily to shifts of moisture and oxygen within its environment. In conjunction with influence from the Neraksa prairie, there is a vast array of color changes my copper etching plates go through that have greatly influenced the pulp colors. From the appropriately and obviously named copper color one could expect in a pack of Crayolas to a beautiful Tiffany’s Blue, the colors in this collection come as a result of watching my plates take on new colors from day to day, sometimes from hour to hour, and then hoping on my bike and riding through the muggy, buggy prairie. Again, an attribute to the importance of space to my practice.” - Clara Fischer

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