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I, am home. Planter

I, am home. Planter


DIMENSIONS: Height: 5in.

Width: 5in.

MEDIUMS: Pre-Processed Clay & Underglaze


DESCRIPTION: Home has never been a source of security in my life, at least not the physical place I called my “home.” Rather through the many places I’ve called home and from the many people that provided it, I have learned, home is a feeling not a place. One that I find myself continuing to search for in every person and place I meet. When I first moved to Nebraska I had a source of home by my side, my partner. Shortly after our move we parted ways and I was left to face the reality of being over a thousand miles away from anyone I knew without a family member to call and few friends to support me through this time. There were many painful nights and mornings in this house. To be blunt I was very worried for my own safety. This work was my way of working through these feelings as I hadn’t even found a therapist in the state yet. So everyday the only place I felt I could be heard was alone in my studio. Some incredibly powerful and painful work came out of this time and I will be releasing it in sets. This being the first. 

Each of these pieces is a unique timestamp to a feeling and moment I’ll never be able to replicate. This work is incredibly important to me as is the earth it was created. There will be very few pieces created with the “backyard clay” that I will sell moving forward as I’m almost down to my last bucket. As you all know this clay is the soil I was raised on and the forest it was collected from has since been deforested. Along with this I am officially no contact from my family which means it is likely that I will never be able to collect here again. I hope this work can go to home’s that can see the same value in each piece as I.

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