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Clara moved on the first of July to a half empty house, but she left me with Home. Moments after she arrived, changes ensued and they didn’t stop until the second she left. This website, studio, space, garden, and “Home” would not be here today or possible if not for all of Clara’s hard work, consideration and care. She knew she wasn’t just taking a risk on coming here, I was taking one by letting her in and she used every second of time and recourse she was given for the betterment of both herself and her practice. 


Clara taking measurements during one of our many trips to Lowes.

The entire physical experience of making this house a Home was an incredible learning experience that Clara and I were certainly prepared for. Together we learned where our natural talents lie and thus what roles we will take moving forward. Clara has expressed interest in 2becoming a part of our eventual board of directors. Assuming a more technical role of physically building and designing our future spaces. Along with curating them to become a truly unique working/living environment. Coming home from the thrift store we would unload the truck and I would become overwhelmed by what looked like a disaster to me. However, Clara saw a pile of potential, so she would shoo me off and I would return to an entirely new and beautiful Home. I spent so long living in this house that when I would wake up to all the changes I would be in disbelief and couldn’t help but continuously turn to Clara and say “Who’s house is this?!” 


Clara and I after unboxing the new print press for the studio.

Clara and I actually worked at a gallery on campus together and she was our install technician, so it’s no wonder that she found herself hammering the days away. It took many measurements, trips to Lowes, and maybe a few screams (mainly from me) to create the space you see today. A good two weeks of her time was almost exclusively spent setting up the space not just for herself but for others and future residents. Planning what materials she would need to make her time successful here was stage one. Stage two was endless thrifting to make sure we had enough work and storage spaces. Stage three was putting all the rooms together. Then we were finally able to get to work.


The day Clara arrived at home, with a car containing her entire life.

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